Green Building Info

You want to build a green home or commercial space but you have questions:

  1. Are there trusted certified professionals who can help you?
  2. Is new green construction cost-effective right now - not 20 years in the future?
  3. Does it make sense to remodel green?
The answer is YES all around, thanks to SCH Development Group, LLC.

We've passed the stringent requirements of the National Association of Home Builders to become a Certified Green ProfessionalTM. As your general contractor for green building, we champion your green project from permitting to design and from ground breaking to completion. Along the way, we give you the facts you need to make informed decisions.

SCH Development Group, LLC works with the finest green subcontractors in New Hampshire: reliable, professional and dedicated to cost-effective green building and remodeling.

"A Certified Green Professional (CGP)TM has...a greater understanding of sustainable building techniques, knowledge of methods to achieve higher energy efficiency and... commitment to staying current with industry innovations."


Green projects led by SCH Development Group, LLC:
  • Lower your utility costs through energy and water efficiency.
  • Create a healthier inside environment with proper ventilation and products that don't "off-gas".
  • Create a more beautiful outside environment by protecting the site.
  • Keep within your budget by using renewable resources that cost the same as traditional resources.
  • Lower your construction costs by recycling materials and managing waste.